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Ramat Poleg is a unique neighborhood in the Netanya, which was established in the late seventies of the last century. It occupies the southernmost position in the city and is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Netanya. At one time, houses here were built for permanent soldiers and military invalids, and gradually the neighborhood began to attract rich and successful residents.

In the beginning, Ramat Poleg was built mostly with private houses, providing a wide range of services for the population: cultural centers, libraries, synagogues, sports facilities and much more. In later years, high-rise buildings also began to appear here, offering a variety of housing options.

The advantages of living in Ramat Poleg

Ramat Poleg’s prestigious status is due to several key factors that make this neighborhood special to live in. Firstly, it is located in close proximity to the beautiful beaches of Netanya. The opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze and live surrounded by well-maintained coastal areas makes this neighborhood particularly attractive to those who value comfort and quality of life.

Secondly, Ramat Poleg is famous for its successful residents. The neighborhood is popular with physicians, business leaders and information technology professionals. A thriving business environment and high employment rate make the neighborhood attractive to those seeking a successful career.

Third, safety is one of the main advantages of Ramat Poleg. The neighborhood is considered one of the safest in Netanya, making it especially attractive to families with children and anyone who appreciates peace and serenity.

Ramat Poleg, Netanya

Real estate prices in Ramat Poleg

The price of real estate in Ramat Poleg can vary significantly depending on various factors. The main ones are the condition of the property, its size, the availability of additional amenities, sea views and the size of the plot of land. Private houses are usually more expensive than apartments in high-rise buildings, but offer more space and privacy.

Property prices in Ramat Poleg also reflect the prestige of the area and its attractiveness to buyers. However, this investment can pay off due to the unique atmosphere and benefits that living in this neighborhood offers.

The average price for a 4 bedroom apartment ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 million ₪

The average price of a 6-7 room cottage is between 4 and 11 million ₪.

Where to buy property in Ramat Poleg

If you are interested to find a property for sale in the Ramat Poleg neighborhood in Netanya, we are ready to provide you with all the help and information you need. You can contact us on the given phone number for advice and detailed information about the available properties. We offer a wide range of properties in Ramat Poleg, including apartments and private homes of various sizes and styles.

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And check out our property catalog!

We also have a property catalog where you can find a variety of properties on the Ramat Poleg market. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in choosing the right option and accompany you through all stages of the buying process to make it as convenient and transparent as possible.