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Nat 600 is not just an address, it is a lifestyle, it is luxury and convenience in one bottle. This unique neighborhood of Netanya offers a variety of real estate that invites you to become part of this amazing abode. Apartments, penthouses, houses, villas – here everyone will find something that harmonizes with their dreams and wishes.

The benefits of living in the Nat 600

Nat 600, also known as Greental, is the epitome of prestige in the resort town of Netanya. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this neighborhood beckons with its appeal and beautiful coastal views. Its proximity to the city center makes Nat 600 convenient for living – you can enjoy peace and comfort without being cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This unique neighborhood is famous for its modern development, new buildings and clean streets. The infrastructure is well developed here – restaurants, stores, parks and sports grounds, everything is within your proximity. Every step is enveloped in comfort and quality, making Nat 600 attractive to those who value comfort.

Real estate in Nat 600

In this beautiful area there is a huge choice of real estate for every taste and purse. Each apartment, penthouse, house or villa here has its own unique atmosphere and style. Many buildings are made in modern design using high quality materials, which guarantees durability and comfort to the owners.

Apartments in Nat 600 are an option for those who appreciate practicality and modern style. The penthouses will allow you to enjoy stunning views of the sea and the city, and spacious houses and villas will give you freedom and privacy. By choosing real estate here, you are choosing not just a house, but a new stage in your life.

Nat 600 Netanya

Real estate prices in Nat 600

Real estate prices in Nat 600 depend on many factors: the area of the object, its type, floor, view characteristics and even repairs. However, it should be noted that investing in real estate in this area is not only about the cost of housing, but also an investment in the quality of life, level of comfort and prestige.

Apartments in Nat 600 can be bought at the following prices:

2 bedroom apartments – 850 thousand – 2.1 million ₪

3 bedroom apartments – 2.5 – 3 million ₪

4 bedroom apartments – 2.7 – 4.5 million ₪

5 bedroom apartments – 2.9 – 5.5 million ₪

6+ room apartments – 3.3 – 7.7 million ₪

A penthouse, depending on the size, age of the house and the view, will cost between 4 – 15 million ₪

Houses, villas and cottages in Nat 600 are usually in good condition and large in size. The vast majority of properties have 6 rooms or more, and range from 200 to 450 square meters. House prices start at 6 million ₪ and go up to 12 million ₪.

How do I find real estate in Nat 600?

If you are dreaming of buying real estate in Nat 600, we have several options for you. You can contact us by phone for advice and details. Also, you can explore the objects in our online catalog – there are photos and descriptions of available options.

Our specialists will help you choose the best solution, taking into account your wishes and budget. We offer professional support at all stages of the transaction – from the selection of the object to the execution of documents. Your dream of a comfortable life in Nat 600 can become a reality with us.

Nat 600, Greental is a neighborhood that combines prestige, quality and comfort. By choosing real estate here, you are choosing a lifestyle that both you and your loved ones will appreciate. Discover this world of pleasures and opportunities by purchasing your corner in this beautiful location.

Looking for real estate for sale in Nat 600 in Netanya? Call us!

+972534577318     Связть по WhatsApp

And check out our property catalog!