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Herzliya is a beautiful resort town on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most beautiful and prestigious cities in Israel. Here live movie and pop stars, members of the government, big businessmen and other rich people. Not for nothing Herzliya is called “the rich sister of Tel Aviv.

Life here is more comfortable than in other cities. There is a large Marina – a harbor with a yacht club, as well as an airfield for private planes. This can boast a few cities in the country. In addition, Herzliya is only a few kilometers from Tel Aviv, but at the same time, its residents are deprived of the main disadvantage of the metropolis – multi-kilometer traffic jams on the roads.

Since Herzliya is home to a large number of very wealthy people, many of them, prefer to buy real estate of a higher class. For this reason, the city sells a very large number of villas and cottages. Here you can find both small houses and huge luxury villas with huge plots of land, swimming pools, tennis courts and magnificent views of the sea coast.

Where to buy a villa?

Herzliya is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. Here, there are not so many old dilapidated and unsightly buildings. Therefore, in almost any area of the city you can buy housing, without fear of getting an unsightly view from the window, or not very prosperous neighborhood.

The best and most prestigious area to buy a villa, of course, is Herzliya Pituach. It is here that the richest people in Israel buy real estate, as well as the offices of the world’s largest companies. The neighborhood is located on the beach. It is beautiful, quiet and comfortable to live here.

Villa in Herzliya

The cost of a villa in Herzliya

Estimate the cost of a villa in Herzliya is very difficult. Here there is a huge difference in the price of real estate.

The price depends on:

  • state of communication
  • age of construction
  • availability of a swimming pool
  • distance from the sea
  • plot size
  • house condition
  • villa area
  • city area
  • and other

In general, prices for villas in Herzliya range from 6 to 40 million ₪. For this money you can buy a villa from 150 to 700 square meters with a plot of land of different sizes. For you we will specify prices and provide photos and complete information on villas in Herzliya.

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