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Tel Aviv is the center of Israel’s economic and cultural life. It is here that business and entertainment never stops! It is not for nothing that Tel Aviv is called the city that never sleeps. It has everything a person might need for life:

  • plenty of work for every taste
  • top medical centers
  • parks and recreation centers
  • airport proximity
  • art galleries
  • many beaches
  • concert halls
  • trendy hangouts
  • loud clubs
  • trendy boutiques
  • IT offices
  • restaurants
  • theaters
  • banks
  • museums

That is why, buy real estate in Tel Aviv is desired not only by Israelis, but also by foreign investors. Resort season here can reach 9 months a year, and real estate prices are rising at such a rate that buying a home in Tel Aviv is an excellent investment. Only in the last 10 years, real estate prices in Israel have increased more than 2 times.

Why the apartment?

Tel Aviv is a huge metropolis. Here is simply a huge choice of real estate for every taste and budget. You can find here and luxury villas, hidden from prying eyes, with magnificent gardens and swimming pools, and comfortable houses on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with magnificent views from the windows, and huge penthouses, towering over the entire city. However, it is apartments that people most often buy in Tel Aviv.
Firstly, apartments are usually much cheaper than houses or penthouses.
Secondly, they can be sold much easier, as the demand for apartments is higher.
Third, it is easier to find a tenant in an apartment if you want to earn money by renting out the property.
Fourthly, it is much easier to look after an apartment than a house or a large penthouse.

And of course, we should not forget about the land tax (Arnona). The larger the area of the premises, the more taxes will have to be paid every 2 months. And taxes will have to be paid even if no one lives in the apartment.

Sea in Tel Aviv

What are the best neighborhoods to buy an apartment in?

The further north a neighborhood is located in the city, the newer and better it is. Thus, the most expensive and prestigious neighborhoods are considered the northernmost parts of the city, such as Ramat Aviv, Neve Avivim and others. Also, excellent apartments can be taken in the city center.

If you want to rent an object, it is better to look for apartments on the beach, or at least in walking distance from the beach. Then you will always have a queue of guests who want to relax on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Read more about the good and bad neighborhoods of the city in the article “neighborhoods of Tel Aviv“.

Prices for apartments in Tel Aviv

Apartment prices depend on many factors such as:

  • state of communications
  • distance from the center
  • apartment area
  • distance from the sea
  • state of repair
  • city area
  • house age
  • house floor
  • and others

Average prices for apartments in Tel Aviv are as follows:

1 bedroom apartment with an area of 20-30 sq. m. – 0.9 – 1.5 million ₪
2 room apartment with an area of 30-50 sq. m. – 1.7 – 4.6 million ₪
3 room apartment with an area of 60-130 sq. m. -1.9 – 9.5 million ₪
4 room apartment with an area of 80-160 sq. m. – 2.1 – 11.5 million ₪
5 room apartment with an area of 80-190 sq. m. – 2.7 – 12.4 million ₪
6+ apartment with an area of 120-300 sq. m. – 3.3 – 20.1 million ₪

How to find the best apartments in Tel Aviv

Call us and we will find you a great apartment for sale in Tel Aviv in the shortest possible time. We always have something to offer even the most demanding client.

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