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Tel Aviv is the second largest and most populous city in Israel. Its population is more than 440 thousand people.

The city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tel Aviv is a major economic center, as well as the richest city in Israel. It is home to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, many corporate offices, IT companies, research and development centers.

Local beaches, bars, cafes, restaurants, stores, great weather and a modern lifestyle have made Tel Aviv a popular tourist destination for both local and international visitors.

For its frenetic pace of life, Tel Aviv has gained a reputation as “the metropolis that never sleeps”. It is truly the financial and cultural capital of Israel!

City neighborhoods

The city is divided into parts, each of which in turn is divided into neighborhoods. A list of all the neighborhoods in Tel Aviv can be found below:


  • Ramat Aviv Ha-Hadasha
  • Ramat Aviv Gimmel
  • Migdalei Ne’eman
  • Ramat Aviv Aleph
  • Kohav Ha-Tzafon
  • Shikun Lamed
  • Neve Avivim
  • Azorai Hen
  • Nofei Yam
  • Afeka


  • Ramat HaHayal
  • Ganei Tzahala
  • Ramot Tzahala
  • Kiryat Shaul
  • Hadar Yosef
  • Ha-Mishtala
  • Neveh Sharet
  • Neot Afeka
  • Tel Baruch
  • Hadar Yosef
  • Maoz Aviv
  • Shikun Dan
  • Neve Gan

City Center

  • Ohel Moshe (merged with Neve Tzedek)
  • Lev Ha’ir (Lion of Tel Aviv)
  • Ha-Tsafon Ha-Yashan
  • Yehuda Ha-Makkabi
  • Kerem Ha-Teimanim
  • Tzamarot Ayalon
  • Givat Amal
  • Montefiore
  • Neve Tzedek
  • Shabazi
  • Bavli


  • Givat Ha-Tmarim
  • Old Jaffa
  • Givat Aliyah
  • Dakar Jaffa
  • Tel Kabir
  • Neve Ofer


  • Kiryat Shalom
  • Givat Herzl
  • Neve Shaanan
  • Florentin
  • Neve Ofer
  • Abu Kabir
  • Shapira


  • Ramat HaTayasim
  • Shkhunat HaTikva
  • Nahalat Yitzhak
  • Ramat Israel
  • Neve Barbour
  • Neve Tzahal
  • Kfar Shalem
  • Ha’Argazim
  • Tel Haim
  • Yad Eliyahu
  • Bitzaron
  • Ezra

Best neighborhoods in Tel Aviv

The most prestigious and expensive neighborhoods in Tel Aviv are in the north of the city. The farther south you go, the more old houses you will encounter, but housing prices will become more affordable, and it is possible to buy an apartment in Tel Aviv more favorably.

Ramat Aviv

The most expensive and chic neighborhood in northern Tel Aviv is Ramat Aviv. It is located near the university and a large park. It is home to museums, and various recreational facilities. Ramat Aviv is a quiet, green and well-kept neighborhood.

It has a very low crime rate and everything for a quiet, happy family life. The neighborhood’s population is diverse, ranging from affluent Israelis in age to wealthy students and couples with high incomes. Any neighborhood in north Tel Aviv is great to live in, but Ramat Aviv is the chicest of them all.


very high real estate prices

need to own a car

Lev Ha’ir

Moving south, you will reach the center of the city, the Lev Ha’ir district. The neighborhood is convenient because it is located in the very center of Tel Aviv. Here you will find plenty of good restaurants, stores and cafes to suit all tastes.

The old houses create a unique atmosphere. The neighborhood has a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. A great and beautiful place to live.


high real estate prices

minimal parking spaces

the proximity of houses can be noisy

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is a truly unique neighborhood in the city. The neighborhood is dominated by beautiful one-story houses in a unique style. Luxury designer boutiques, stores, and chic restaurants and cafes can be found at every turn in the neighborhood.

The residents of the neighborhood are usually very affluent Israelis who often live in other countries and come here 1-2 times a year.


high real estate prices

Tel Aviv street

Bad neighborhoods in Tel Aviv

Almost all of Tel Aviv’s southern neighborhoods are not considered good places to live. Old dilapidated buildings, a lot of garbage, a large Arab population and immigrants from African countries – this is what characterizes the south of the city. Low prices attract low-income people and illegal immigrants.

Neve Shaanan

It is believed that this neighborhood has the highest crime rate. And despite the fact that Tel Aviv is considered a very safe city, you can often see homeless people and drug addicts here. Most often, they are not dangerous, but the general opinion of the neighborhood is spoiled.


Low housing prices


All the “charms” of Neve Shaanan apply to the Shapira neighborhood as well. Not the best neighborhood, lots of trash and old, unattractive buildings.


Low housing prices

Old Jaffa

Despite the fact that Jaffa is a favorite destination for tourists, where you can find stunning old houses and unique views, not everyone will agree to live in this area. There are occasional ethnic conflicts in the neighborhood. Prices in the area are quite high.


The opportunity to live in a unique ancient neighborhood of Tel Aviv, where you can saturate yourself with the specifics of ancient Israel, as well as to see the extraordinary beauty of ancient buildings.

Тель-Авив Яффо

A neighborhood with a controversial reputation

There is a controversial neighborhood in Tel Aviv that some people consider an ideal place to live, while others prefer to avoid. It is the Florentin neighborhood. It’s a trendy neighborhood with museums and galleries.

Creative people live here, the walls are covered with graffiti, which are often works of art and you can always find something interesting. A huge number of bars, restaurants and discos attract a lot of young people to live here. Life doesn’t stop here and the neighborhood never sleeps.

At the same time, Florentin is not very suitable for family life as it can be very noisy, the population is very diverse and the streets are not very clean.


Prices are not very high

Close to the city center




As you can see, in Tel Aviv, everyone can find a suitable neighborhood to live in. After all, in a relatively small city, neighborhoods can differ dramatically in housing prices, appearance of buildings, population, etc.

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