The city of Netanya is the pearl of tourist Israel. It is the largest resort in the country, with the longest length of the beach line – about 14km. Convenient location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the proximity of Tel Aviv, make Netanya a desirable place of residence for many Israelis.

The city is located in the center of the country, just 30 km from Tel Aviv. There are two major industrial zones spread out here, and many hotels and restaurants are open. As such, there are plenty of jobs in the city to suit all tastes.

The city attracts for life, both new repatriates and native residents of Israel.

Naturally, if you decide to live in Netanya, there is a question of housing. Before renting or buying a home in Netanya, you need to know what neighborhoods there are in the city, which of them are better suited for life, and which should be avoided.

List of Netanya neighborhoods

Netanya, by the standards of Israel – a large city. By the number of inhabitants, it is in 7th place in the country. There are many large and small, old and new, elite and cheap neighborhoods.

Below, listed are most of the neighborhoods of Netanya, with the exception of very small ones.

  • Kedma
  • Mahnes
  • Tubruk
  • Agamim
  • Neve Oz
  • Ir Yamim
  • Ben Zion
  • Galy Yam
  • Gan Bracha
  • Ibn Shadir
  • Ramat Hen
  • Neot Ganim (Shikun Vatikim)
  • Ramat Yadin (Dora)
  • Neot Golda
  • Neve Itamar
  • Ramat Poleg
  • Kiryat Sanz
  • Neot Herzl
  • City Center
  • Ramat Efraim
  • Kiryat Rabin (Amalia)
  • Ein Hatchelet
  • Kiryat Nordau
  • Pardes Hagdud
  • Kiryat Hasharon
  • Givat Hairusim
  • Shikun HaMizrahi
  • Greental (Nat 600)
  • Ne’ot Menachem Begin
  • Neot Shaked (Azorim)
  • Mishkenot Zvuloon

Best neighborhoods in Netanya

The question of what is a good neighborhood in Netanya is very controversial. After all, someone prefers that the housing is located near the sea, someone is good to live in the city center, where all the necessary stores and instances nearby, and for someone the best neighborhood is the one in which you can cheaply buy or rent housing.

Therefore, we will talk about the most favorable areas of the city, their advantages and disadvantages.

Nitza Boulevard in Netanya

Most of the good neighborhoods are newer areas. Here you will hardly find the dirty, old houses with moldy walls and dilapidated “shacks” that are everywhere in the less prestigious parts of the city.

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In addition, the contingent of residents of new neighborhoods is usually better, because most people here have high-paying and stable jobs.

To the most prestigious neighborhoods of Netanya include:

Kiryat HaSharon

Here you will find new houses, many playgrounds and parks and stores. The disadvantage of this neighborhood is the remoteness from the sea. If you live here, you will have to get to the sea by transportation.

The cost of a month of renting an apartment in the neighborhood of Kiryat HaSharon starts at 5000 ₪.

The cost of a 4-5 bedroom apartment in these neighborhoods starts at 2400000 ₪.

Ramat Poleg

This is also one of Netanya’s good neighborhoods, but unlike the previous one, it is located in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Living in Poleg, you will be able to walk to and relax on the beach of the same name. This neighborhood is located at the very entrance to the city, so if you often need to be in the city, you should consider buying a car.

A month of renting an apartment costs from 5500 ₪.

The cost of a 4-5-room apartment starts at 2600000 ₪.

Ir Yamim

Ir Yamim is also adjacent to the two neighborhoods described above. This neighborhood is located right on the beach. Real estate prices here are very high, but the view of the beautiful sea is worth it. The disadvantage of this area is the remoteness from the city center, and the need to purchase a car.

A month of renting an apartment will cost at least 6000 ₪.

The cost of a 4-5-room apartment starts at 2800000 ₪.

Greental (Nat 600)

Greental neighborhood, which is often called Nat 600, is located right by the sea coast, but it is closer to the city center.

It is very difficult to rent an apartment here, and when there are offers, they are quickly rented, despite the high prices.

A month of renting an apartment will cost at least 6000 ₪.

The cost of a 4-5-room apartment starts at 2500000 ₪.

Nitsa Boulevard

The most beautiful street in Netanya is Nitsa Boulevard. It is one of the favorite places for walking for locals and tourists. The first line by the sea coast pleases passers-by with gorgeous views, lush shrubs, restaurants, hotels, playgrounds and recreation centers.

In the evenings and weekends, it is always crowded and fun. In addition, here you can often meet locals – mongoose, peacefully walking between the bushes.

Many foreigners want to buy real estate in this area. Especially popular real estate on Nitsa Boulevard with the French and British.

Prices for real estate here vary greatly and depend on the location of the house, its age, and other factors.

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Bad neighborhoods in Netanya

To the bad neighborhoods for living we refer mainly to the old neighborhoods. The development here was carried out many years ago, so some streets have a not so pleasant look. Here you are more likely to find houses with moldy or peeling walls, not so clean streets or dilapidated buildings. While you can find these sights in any city in Israel, there is much more of it in the older neighborhoods.

Of course, and here you can find successful objects for living, but it is much more difficult, because it is not easy to find an apartment in good condition in old buildings. Housing in such areas is much cheaper, respectively, and neighbors can get different.

Bad neighborhood in Netanya

In addition, some of the neighborhoods we will discuss below are religious. For many secular residents, life in such areas may not be comfortable, because believers in Israel have a special daily routine and a different idea of the norms of behavior.

If you are not prepared to follow the local rules, or if you are bothered by the prayers that are heard here quite often, you may want to choose a different neighborhood to live in.

  • Neot Shaked (Azorim / Ezorim)
  • Dora
  • Kiryat Sanz
  • Neot Herzl
  • Kiryat Nordau

These neighborhoods are old. There is a large religious or Ethiopian population living here. But the housing prices here are much lower than in the newer neighborhoods. So for some people, these neighborhoods are better on a budget.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that you should not settle near the market and bus station. This area is noisy, not very clean and, attracts not the most prosperous segments of the population.

A controversial neighborhood

In Netanya there is a neighborhood that can be called controversial. For some people it is good, others do not like it.

We are talking about the neighborhood of Agamim. Although the neighborhood is fairly new and has a good location, it neighbors two unfavorable neighborhoods (Kiryat Nordau and Azorim). Whether you will enjoy living here depends on the street you choose to live on.

Other parts of the city

The other neighborhoods of the city are average for any Israeli city. You should choose a neighborhood to live in according to your own preferences.

Repatriates may prefer the city center because of the proximity to all city services and the ulpan (Hebrew language courses), those who want to find a job faster should settle closer to the industrial areas, and those who want to enjoy their vacation should settle closer to the beach.

Tell your Netanya broker that it is important for you to find an apartment in a suitable part of the city!

Choose your apartment very carefully, because even if you just rent an apartment, the contract is for at least a year. Read about how to rent an apartment in Netanya for a long term here!

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