September in Netanya is one of the three hottest months of the year. The average daily temperature is 29.9°C.

There is sunshine and cloudless weather almost all month long. The daylight hours in September are 12 hours and 17 minutes. During the month, the sun pleases us for 369 hours.

During the day, the air warms up so much that even at night you can walk around in a T-shirt or light jacket. The average night temperature is 21,1°C.

The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is 28.6°C. September – A great time for swimming, relaxing on the beach and practicing water sports. Kids and adults will enjoy being on the beach and swimming.

September in Israel is one of the driest months. Usually in Netanya at this time there is no rain at all, and for the whole month falls no more than 1.6 mm of precipitation. The humidity is 67%.

The wind in September is not strong. The average speed for 30 days is 7.9 km/hour. It is pleasant to walk along the sunny promenade of the city, when a light refreshing breeze blows in your face.

Netanya in September

What to take to Netanya in September?

Despite the fact that Netanya is the largest resort city in Israel, in September there are fewer tourists, and prices for rental prices are falling markedly. In this regard, September is the best time to visit this wonderful city.

So what do you need to take with you when traveling to Netanya?

  • track suit
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • flip-flops
  • sunscreen
  • swim suit
  • T-shirts
  • cap or panama
  • sunglasses
  • towel
  • shorts

What to do in Netanya in September

The beautiful weather in Netanya in September allows you to have a wonderful time and do any kind of summer vacation

  • sightseeing – 10/10
  • cycling – 10/10
  • beach vacation – 10/10
  • swimming in the sea – 10/10
  • hiking – 10/10
  • paragliding – 10/10
  • kitesurfing – 10/10
  • racquetball – 10/10
  • surfing – 10/10
  • camping – 10/10
  • yachting – 10/10
  • kayaks – 10/10

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