December in Netanya is one of the three coldest and wettest months of the year. Israel’s usual hot and dry weather completely changes this month. Winter here is a short period of heavy rains and winds, as well as high humidity.

Since Netanya is located on the shores of the warm Mediterranean Sea, even in the winter period here is quite comfortable air temperature and mild climate, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful nature of Israel.

On sunny days the weather outside is especially pleasant.

The average daytime temperature in December here is – 18.7 °C. At night it drops to 9.4 °C. Keep this in mind when choosing a closet for your trip to Netanya.

There are 18 sunny days in the city in December. The daylight hours are approximately 9 hours and 57 minutes. Thanks to this, there are 308 hours of sunshine in a month.

From this month in Israel it starts to rain. On average, there are 7 rainy days in December. For a month in Netanya falls about 101 mm of precipitation, and the humidity is 64%.

The wind speed in December is 8.6 kilometers, per hour. Windy weather is not an inconvenience, as most of the time it is quite warm and dry outside.

The Mediterranean Sea is still not cold. In December, the temperature of the sea water most often exceeds the air temperature. During this period, the sea is no longer swimmable, but many kite surfers and surfers can be found on the beach. The water temperature is 20.5°C.

Погода в Нетании в декабре

What to take to Netanya in December?

The weather in Netanya in December is very changeable. It is important to choose the right closet so that the weather did not give you unexpected unpleasant surprises.

You should take with you:

  • comfortable “breathable” shoes
  • waterproof shoes
  • sunglasses
  • fall jacket
  • warm pajamas
  • warm sweater
  • warm socks
  • light hat
  • raincoat
  • umbrella

What to do in Netanya in December?

The weather in Netanya in December is still very pleasant. You can have a great time outdoors. The following activities are popular at this time:

  • sightseeing – 9/10
  • Visiting outdoor cafes – 8/10
  • cycling – 9/10
  • hiking – 9/10
  • paragliding – 9/10
  • kitesurfing – 10/10
  • surfing – 8/10
  • camping – 8/10

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