The weather in Netanya in February is still quite cool. Although it is comfortable and warm towards the end of the month, the average daily temperature for the 29 days is 17.7 °C.

At night, the mercury drops to 10.6 °C. Remember that when going outdoors, it’s a good idea to dress warmer.

A sunny day lasts approximately 9 hours and 10 minutes on average. In a month, the sun shines for about 265 hours.

Israel in February is characterized by frequent rainfall. Netanya has an average of about 10 rainy days per month. Sunny weather pleases residents and visitors for 17 days. The remaining 2 days of the month, expect cloudy weather with no precipitation. In total, about 95 mm of precipitation falls in a month.

Weather in Netanya in February

The weather in Netanya in February is characterized by a fairly high humidity of 71%, which is a comfortable level for humans given the air temperature.

In February in Netanya, as well as in the whole of Israel is quite windy. The downpours are often accompanied by strong wind gusts. The average wind speed for the month is 9.7 km/hour.

The water in the Mediterranean Sea is cool. The average temperature is – 17.4 °C. But the low temperatures don’t stop surfers from spending a lot of time in the water.

What to take with you to Netanya in February?

In the last month of the Israeli winter, the weather can be very changeable. The rains are replaced by sunshine and more rains. Most often, rainfall is observed in the evening and night time. Precipitation is much less frequent in the morning and into the afternoon.

If you are going to visit Netanya in February, you will definitely need the following items of clothing:

  • umbrella
  • scarf
  • raincoat
  • sneakers
  • light hat
  • sunglasses
  • rubber boots
  • tracksuit
  • waterproof fall jacket

What to do in Netanya in February?

The chilly February weather does not often provide an opportunity to spend time outside pleasantly. But this does not stop a huge number of people who want to do their favorite activity. Often at the sea you can see “riding the wave” fans, and the streets are full of strolling passers-by.

So what can you do in the meantime?

  • surfing – 9/10
  • camping – 7/10
  • kitesurfing – 9/10
  • paragliding – 9/10
  • walking – 8/10
  • cycling – 7/10

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