The weather in Netanya in March is already quite warm. There is less rain and more sunny days. The average temperature during the day is 18.8 °C. At night, the thermometer drops to 14.9 °C.

On a sunny day you can feel comfortable in a T-shirt. In the morning, evening and at night, you will have to wear a light jacket or sweater.

Netanya during this period will treat you to 10 hours and 15 minutes of sunshine daily. For the whole month “runs up” about 315 hours of sunshine.

In March in Netanya there are on average 8 rainy days. There are 21 sunny and cloudless days. The average humidity is 69% and 65 mm of precipitation falls during the whole month.

Netanya in March

The Mediterranean Sea is still cold in March. The average water temperature is 17.4 °C. However, this does not prevent many surfers and kitesurfers from practicing their favorite sport every day.

This is facilitated by a fairly strong wind, which often occurs in Netanya in March. The average wind speed for the month is – 9.7 km / hr.

What to take with you to Netanya in March?

  • umbrella
  • cap
  • jeans
  • raincoat
  • light sweater
  • light hat
  • fall jacket
  • sunglasses
  • tracksuit
  • waterproof shoes
  • walking shoes

What to do in Netanya in March?

  • Camping – 8/10
  • surfing – 10/10
  • kitesurfing – 10/10
  • relaxing on the beach – 7/10
  • hiking – 9/10
  • cycling – 8/10
  • outdoor sports – 8/10
  • sightseeing – 9/10

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