Before the onset of April in Israel, the rainy winter is in full retreat. For Netanya in this month is characterized by warm weather with little precipitation.

The average temperature during the day is 24.3 ° C. So most of the time you can walk down the street in a light shirt or t-shirt. At night, the temperature drops to 17.4 ° C. So if you decide to walk around the city at night, don’t forget a sweater or windbreaker.

By April, the Mediterranean Sea has already managed to warm up a little, but there are not many people who want to swim. The average temperature of sea water is 19.4 °С.

At this time you can most often see fans of surfing, kitesurfing and kayaks in the water. This is a great time for beginners to master these sports.

Almost the whole month in Netanya the sun shines. On average, there are about 24 sunny days per month. It rains three times in April and there are 3 cloudy days without precipitation. The average daylight hours are 11 hours and 1 minute. There are about 330 hours of sunshine in a month. Precipitation for the month is 19 mm and humidity is 63%.

The wind can be quite strong. The average speed for the month is 9.3 kilometers per hour. But because of the warm weather, it does not cause much discomfort and does not interfere with the enjoyment of sunny days.

Netanya in April

What to bring to Netanya in April?

  • panama or headscarf
  • sunglasses
  • windbreaker or sweatshirt
  • sunscreen
  • light shirts
  • comfortable shoes
  • T-shirts
  • flip-flops
  • shorts
  • umbrella

What to do in Netanya in April?

  • cycling – 10/10
  • hiking – 10/10
  • swimming in the sea – 7/10
  • relaxing on the beach – 9/10
  • kitesurfing – 10/10
  • racquetball – 10/10
  • surfing – 10/10
  • camping – 10/10
  • diving – 7/10
  • kayaking – 9/10

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