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Buying an apartment is an important and responsible step in every person’s life. In Israel, where real estate prices are very high, this is especially felt. Every person wants to buy their own place faster, and not to pay huge sums of money for rent.

Buy an apartment in Israel can be as in the primary market, that is, in a new apartment, where before you no one lived, and in the secondary market — an apartment where before you lived other people.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. But we will focus specifically on secondary housing.

Advantages of secondary housing


Of course, the biggest advantage of apartments on the secondary market, is their price. The cost per square meter in new buildings is usually an order of magnitude higher than in houses «with mileage». That is why more people can afford to buy an apartment in Israel.


Since there are many more old residential buildings in Israel than new buildings, it is much easier to find an apartment in a suitable city, neighborhood, or even on a particular street.

Opportunity to get more

It is no secret that in Israel, various programs of renovation of the housing stock are actively developing. If you are lucky enough to buy an apartment in Israel in a building that will be included in one of these programs, you can get a big benefit.

For example, after the program TAMA-38, you can get one additional room, after which the value of the object will increase greatly. If the house is demolished under the Pinuy-Binuy program, you will be able to get a new apartment for the price of the old one.

Buy an apartment in Israel

Disadvantages of secondary housing

Of course, when buying a secondary home, there are downsides to keep in mind.

Condition of the property

If the house you want to buy an apartment in is many years old, it should always be thoroughly inspected. The house may be dilapidated, the communications may need replacing, and the walls may be infected with fungus. Before buying secondary housing, you should always pay attention to the age of the building, and check its condition. It happens that an apartment in an old house requires such investments in repairs that for this price you can afford to buy an apartment in a new house.

History of the object

Most often, you do not know who and when lived in a particular apartment. It happens that there are large debts for utilities hanging on it, or the object can be arrested at all because of debts. In the case of buying such a home, all debts will fall on your shoulders.

Therefore, before buying, your lawyer should carefully check the history of the apartment, and exclude all such moments.


In new buildings, as a rule, apartments are bought by people with a good job and a stable income. Such neighbors will not give you trouble. In old buildings, apartments in which could have been bought decades ago, neighbors may not be so reliable. When buying, try to get feedback about the neighborhood where the house is located, and ask about the neighbors from the broker or Vaad a-Bayt (the person in charge of the house).

Where to buy secondary housing in Israel?

If you want to buy an apartment in Israel, see our catalog, or call, we will find the best options for you:

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