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Netanya is a large city in the center of Israel. In terms of population – it is in 7th place in the country. Netanya is the largest resort city in Israel. The huge beach line along which the city is built is an impressive 14 kilometers. This is even more than in Tel Aviv.

Netanya has a lot of advantages, such as:

  • proximity to the Ben-Gurion Airport.
  • huge amount of real estate
  • proximity to Tel Aviv
  • soft climate
  • plenty of work
  • warm sea

Thanks to all of the above, every year Netanya is visited by tens of thousands of tourists from Israel and around the world. With each year, more and more people prefer to buy real estate and live in Netanya than in Tel Aviv and its satellite cities, even if they work there.

The city’s expensive real estate

Netanya has a truly huge selection of real estate, both for sale and for rent. There is properties for every budget and taste. Here you can easily find both cheap apartments and huge expensive properties.

Not in vain, more than a year ago, Netanya intercepted from Tel Aviv leadership in the number of skyscrapers under construction. Here every person with money, will find an object to his liking among the mass of options:

  • luxury penthouses, with a balcony, the size of which is larger than the apartment itself
  • new buildings with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gymnasium
  • duplexes with panoramic sea views
  • private houses on several floors
  • apartments with an area of up to 500m2
  • and other
Expensive house in Netanya

Prices for expensive real estate

Expensive, real estate in Netanya is considered, if its price is 3 – 5 million ₪ and above. For this money you can buy a good apartment in a new building, an area of 90-130 m2.

For 5-8 million ₪, you can buy a penthouse in a good house with an area of 100-160 m2, or a large apartment with an area of up to 160 m2.

If you have 8-30 million ₪, you can afford a large cottage of up to 300 m2 or an apartment of the same size.

In general, prices for expensive real estate in Netanya, reach 30 million ₪. For this money you can buy a large house or cottage with a decent territory, garden and swimming pool.

Of course, prices in the city are very different, depending on:

  • The presence of a gym in the house
  • availability of 24/7 security
  • availability of a swimming pool
  • renovation quality
  • neighborhood
  • house age

Traditionally, the most prestigious neighborhoods are:

  • Nat 600 (Greental)
  • Nitza Boulevard
  • Ramat Poleg
  • Ir Yamim

These neighborhoods are located on the first line of the sea, and are considered very good. Kiryat HaSharon is also an excellent neighborhood in Netanya. However, its disadvantage is its distance from the sea. Real estate in these neighborhoods will cost more than in less prestigious parts of the city. You can read more about the districts of the city in the article “Neighborhoods of Netanya“.

Where to buy expensive real estate in Netanya?

Find expensive real estate in Netanya can be found in our catalog, or by contacting us.

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