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Tel Aviv is the second most populous city in Israel. It is considered the cultural and economic center of the country. Real estate prices here are even higher than in the capital of Israel – Jerusalem.

Years of rising prices for apartments, houses and land, as well as an active social and economic life of the city makes both citizens of Israel and foreign investors annually purchase real estate in Tel Aviv for hundreds of millions of dollars. Real estate experts note that buying an apartment Tel Aviv – a very profitable investment.

Flats prices in Tel Aviv

The range of prices for flats in Tel Aviv is very large. The cost of housing starts from 650,000 shekels, and ends with tens of millions of dollars.

Among such a variety, everyone can find a dream object for living, renting or reselling in order to earn money.

Flats for sale in Tel Aviv

What does the price of flats in Tel Aviv depend on?

As in any other city, the price of a flat depends on a mass of different factors. Among them:

  • year of commissioning
  • new renovation
  • whether the building is complete
  • number of rooms
  • Tel Aviv neighbourhood
  • balcony
  • house floor
  • area
  • etc.

All of these aspects can have a big impact on the price of a flat. For example, a flat in a high-end residential area in the north of the city will cost significantly more than the same flat in the eastern part of Tel Aviv.

Flats on the first and last floor (except penthouse) are usually cheaper. The ground floor is noisy and insects can crawl in. Top floor flats are hot in summer and cold in winter.

The presence of a sunny balcony, always increases the price of the flat, as such a “luxury” is not everyone in Israel.

Flats for sale in Tel Aviv in the building under construction are sold cheaper than already finished. On such a purchase can save from 10 to 30% of the cost of the object.

The neighbourhood of the city has a very strong influence on the cost of property. In Good areas, such as Ramat Aviv, City Centre, Neve Tzedek, the cost is predictably higher.

In the older and cheaper areas (Neve Shaanan, Shapira and others) prices are much more humane, but you will have to put up with the sight of not very clean streets, old houses and sometimes, not very favourable contingent of locals. Read more about the good and bad neighbourhoods of the city in the article “Neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv

Where to buy a flat in Tel Aviv?

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