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Tel Aviv is the economic and cultural center of Israel. There are high salaries, plenty of housing and jobs, and a sea of entertainment. All this makes Tel Aviv a desirable place to live for a huge number of people. To have a house in this city, not only profitable, but also very prestigious.

Despite the fact that most of the housing stock are apartments, you can find the house of your dreams.

Buy your own house or other real estate in any of the districts of the city can even a foreigner. It is not necessary to have citizenship of the country – it is enough that there was a desire and financial opportunities.

The main advantage of buying your own villa or apartment – long-term benefits. Demand for real estate in Israel practically does not weaken. Together with the demand grows and the cost. And, if you do not buy a house now, as time passes, it will cost much more.

And the payment of rent and utilities even the most budget housing will turn out in the long term comparable to the purchase of their own home costs.

Why is it important to buy a house as soon as possible?

The increase in real estate prices in the country is very high. The price has doubled in the last 10 years! So buying real estate now, will save a lot of money in the future, and in the long run, such a purchase will be a great investment option.

Renting out or reselling the property will bring substantial profits.

Tel Aviv houses prices

The cost of residential properties in the city depends most of all on the type of property (house, villa, cottage, townhouse, 2-family house and so on), area and location.

Real estate prices increase from south to north. This is exactly how the development of the city took place. Therefore, the further north, the newer and better quality houses will be – in the north of the city the most prestigious neighborhood is considered Ramat Aviv.

Although in the center of the city there are very beautiful areas to live. For example, Rothschild Boulevard – the most prestigious area of the city. Here you can buy real estate only luxury class.

Villa in Tel Aviv

Other popular neighborhoods for investment and home ownership are Neve Tzedek and Kerem a Taimanim. Here you can find many excellent houses for sale.

In the former, also called “Little Paris”, you can find 2-3 storey houses, both divided into apartments and designed for a single family.

In the prestigious Kerem a Taymanim, in addition to apartments, one- and two-story houses with large courtyards become an attractive real estate option.

Read more about good and bad neighborhoods in the Tel Aviv Neighborhoods article.

How to find the right house in Tel Aviv?

Of course, a person who wants to buy real estate not only in Israel, but in any country in the world, it is better to seek the help of an expert.

Makler on our site will not only quickly select a variety of real estate options in accordance with the wishes of the client, but also advise on various issues related to the acquisition and registration of the object.

Using our site, those wishing to buy a house in Tel Aviv, can get acquainted with current ads for sale of the type of housing of interest and learn any information related to the process of searching for and buying real estate.

Call us right now – we will find you the best houses for sale in Tel Aviv!

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