July in Netanya is characterized by high temperatures and low humidity. This month in Israel is one of the hottest. The average temperature during the day is – 30.5 ° C.

At night, the thermometer indicator does not descend much. Even in the dark, in July Netanya can be quite hot. The average night temperature is 21.1 °С.

In the warm months in Israel there is always little precipitation. And July is not an exception. The average amount of precipitation in July is 0 mm. Hardly in this month you will manage to get under the rain.

There are almost no cloudy days, and almost always shines bright sun. The duration of the daylight hours is more than 12 hours a day. During the whole month, the sun shines for about 369 hours.

The humidity is 67%, which is comfortable enough for rest.

How to protect yourself from the sun in July?

In the summer months, the sun in Israel is very active. Being in Netanya in July it is important to remember to protect your skin and eyes from sunlight. Try to wear light clothing made of natural fabrics, and preferably with long sleeves. Linen and cotton fabrics will help you tolerate the heat more comfortably.

Before going outdoors, the skin should be treated with a cream that protects against solar radiation. And it is necessary to use a cream with a high degree of protection (SPF 50 +). This will not only help protect your skin from premature aging and the appearance of age spots, but also protect you from health problems.

In addition, always wear quality sunglasses. Quality lenses will help reduce the effects of UV radiation on your eyes.

The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea in July will please all lovers of swimming. The average water temperature is 25.8°C. Both you and your children will be able to swim in the sea for hours without feeling cold or discomfort.

Netanya in July

What will be useful in Netanya in July?

  • swimsuit and swimming trunks
  • towels
  • sunscreen (SPF 50+)
  • light clothing made of natural fabrics
  • shorts
  • flip-flops
  • sunglasses
  • panama or cap
  • comfortable walking shoes

What to do in Netanya in July?

High temperatures make physical activity not very comfortable. But at the same time, water sports will bring you a lot of fun.

  • swimming – 10/10
  • relaxing on the beach – 10/10
  • surfing – 10/10
  • kayaking – 10/10
  • diving – 10/10
  • cycling – 8/10
  • outdoor activities – 8/10
  • camping – 9/10
  • beach racquetball – 9/10

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