In June in Israel is already hot. And Netanya is no exception. Visiting the largest resort of the country in this month, you can count on excellent summer weather.

The average daily air temperature in June is 28,9 °С. Thanks to this, you can enjoy daily walks in the fresh air, relaxing on the sand of numerous beaches of Netanya and of course swimming in the pleasant Mediterranean Sea.

At night the temperature also pleases tourists and residents of the city. During June it does not fall below 18.7 ° C. So even at night you can easily walk around in shorts and a T-shirt.

The sea in June is already warm enough for comfortable swimming for both adults and children. The average water temperature is 23.8 ° C. That is why, in June in Netanya is already a very large number of tourists.

Summer months in Israel are characterized by a complete absence of precipitation. The average amount of precipitation in June is 0 mm. So you will definitely not lose time in vain, during the rains. In June, the rains in Netanya simply do not happen.

What is worth remembering, going to Netanya in July?

Going on vacation in Israel it is worth remembering that the sun is very active here. You should definitely prepare to protect yourself from its effects.

You need to take appropriate clothing – light and natural materials. Products made of linen and cotton will allow you to feel more comfortable in the hot June days. You should not forget about head protection. You should not leave the house without a cap or panama. It is especially important if you go on vacation with children.

You should not forget about eye protection. Quality sunglasses will help you save your eyes from discomfort, and the skin around your eyes from unnecessary wrinkles.

Also remember that in June, you should apply a quality sunscreen with a high degree of protection to your skin. This will help save your skin from sunburn, age spots, wrinkles and premature aging.

Netanya in June

What to take with you to Netanya in June?

  • flip-flops
  • light shorts
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • cap or panama
  • swimsuit or trunks
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • T-shirts and shirts made of natural fabrics

What to do in Netanya in June?

  • kayaking – 10/10
  • camping – 9/10
  • surfing – 10/10
  • diving – 10/10
  • relaxing on the beach – 10/10
  • hiking – 9/10
  • swimming in the sea – 10/10
  • cycling  – 8/10

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